Pavenet Internet Services is a tier 1 Hosting company that provides custom solutions to guide you to a website that turn visitors into buyers... suspects into prospects... but more importantly and ultimately we are in the business of customer satisfaction! We are of the belief that our success is in direct proportion to the success of our customer's internet presence!

We make this pledge to our customers, if for any reason you are not 100% satisified with our Managed Hosting, we will refund your monthly hosting fee. (For other services we offer, please inquire about guarantees.)

Pavenet Is Your One Stop Shop For All Your Internet Solutions!

We pride ourselves on being a one stop shop for all your Managed Hosting, Design, Content Management, Branding, Marketing, Search Engine Optimizing/Marketing and much more. From Affordable Professional Web Design & E-Commerce Shopping Carts to Customized Integrated Database solutions and everything in between, we cover all the solutions necessary for you to have an effective impact with your internet presence.

Search Engine Optimizing/Marketing (SEO/SEM)

Pavenet excels in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When planning a high quality web design project, first we look at your strategy, goals and objectives. Meeting the design need that fits those goals also includes designing and coding of your web site to become search engine friendly leveraging our experience in SEO.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a lively, complex practice. Search engines change their algorithms, merge with each other, share content, criteria strings and develop new products. You can optimize for web, image and even news results. And we haven't even started talking about how your competitors' actions can complicate things. The good news is that our specialists manage all of that — closely. We live, eat & breath what is new and on the cutting edge to keep our customers technology up to date and competitive.

As such we won't baffle you with jargon, or try to sell services we don't think will help. We, like you, are interested in one thing - getting the right kind of customer to your website - and we do it using methods that are proven to have real results.

As part of all our SEO Campaigns, we manage analytics and provide monthly reports of your site's progress.


E-Commerce and E-Business solutions means Business! Pavenet specializes in Shopping Carts, Customized Integrated Database, Content Management, Real-Time Credit Card Transactions, Credit Card Gateways, Direct Debit Bank Account Gateways for your online store. We understand how to make result effective solutions for all your E-Commerce solutions.


Affordable Award Winning Web Design

There are 2 types of websites... ones that provide results and ones that do not. Throwing content in a template does not define a professionally developed website. What makes the difference? ●Design ●Concept ●Layout ●Navigation ●Imagery ●Media ●Content ●Content management ●Color ●Viewer Participation ●Subliminal Impact ●Conversion Rate - all make the difference!

Pavenet web developers have studied 1000s of websites and spent a lot of time at becoming one with what works and what does not. We approach every website as though it was our own business at stake... we study cross sections of your competitors websites and see what is working and what is not working with your competitors.

We understand the meaning of being the best among your competitors by having clear and concise branding and messaging. It is important to capture audiences’ attention and provide a final call to action. We provide years of experience to help you position your products and services in a unique way that differentiates yourselves against your competitors. If you choose to provide your own content, we assist you in capturing your vision by streamlining the messaging, combining various pieces together in the most desirable format.

Having your website professionally designed, developed and marketed opens doors and creates instant credibility with your prospects and customers, having poor design only opens doors for your competitors.

We provide a team of experts in HTML, ASP, PHP, integrated database, ecommerce & custom solutions website development and content management. As a money saving benifit, we offer a catelog of over 29,000 templates that save on average about $2,000 per site.

Pavenet is a proud member of the Int'l Webmaster Association & the HTML Writers Guild.

Specializing in Face Lifts & Redesigns

We specialize in taking your old basket case or train wreck of a website and making it look brand spanking new with the latest graphic technologies to improve cosmetics and the latest website development tools to improve functionality. User friendliness, optimization, functionality... and most importantly turning visitors into buyers and turning suspects into prospects!
Below are examples of before & after from some recent basket cases that Pavenet redesigned. We can take your old content, spruce it up and add gleam to it or face lift your site with all new content of your choice. - Before - After - Before - After - Before - After - Before - After
- Before - After - New, Old content unavailable - Before - After - Before - After - Before - After - Before - After

Choose from over 100,000 templates!